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Read and download our documentation regarding sustainable investment and, more broadly, La Française Group's CSR ambitions: ressearch, SFDR, ESG publications, engagement and voting, exclusion policy, proprietary methodologies, CSR publications, etc.


Carbon impact

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ESG documentation

Since 2008, La Française has been committed to a Sustainable Investment approach. It has been one of the strategic priorities of the development plan since 2020. The group places sustainability at the heart of the investment process, convinced that ESG factors will positively contribute to the financial performance of invested assets over time, both in terms of profitability and risk. Climate change and biodiversity are crucial structuring elements of the economic and social future.

Thus, the investment process of La Française makes it possible to select the assets best able to adapt and develop in a constantly changing world and the companies with the will to implement substantial transition strategies.

Engagement and voting

Being a responsible investor is not limited to integrating ESG criteria into investment decisions or implementing an exclusion policy, it also means exercising responsibility throughout the holding period of assets, through voting and/or commitment.

Since 2017, La Française has implemented a specific voting policy reflecting its commitments, particularly supporting the climate, and paying attention to certain themes related to the environment, social issues (diversity, pay gaps) and governance (independence, multiple mandates, remuneration). The group is attentive to external resolutions (Shareholder resolutions), and more specifically those of an environmental or social nature.

Commitment is also of crucial importance. It is an effective vehicle for encouraging transitions. It also serves as a relevant addition to our exclusion policy.


Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Corporate Social Responsability

As a recognised actor in the Asset Management industry, La Française Group has the responsibility of the comprehensive implementation of its CSR policy while affirming its ambitions and commitments both in the context of its core business as an investor, as well as in its daily operations as a company and with regards to stakeholders, first and foremost its employees, but also its customers and suppliers.

Based on the values of La Française - Compassionate, Creative and Reliable - it translates into a desire to combine performance, responsibility, ethics and transparency in line with the group's raison d'être "To innovate in order to design investment solutions that combine performance and sustainability". Its deployment is based on an approach centered on 4 pillars: Sustainable Investment, Governance and Influence, Climate and Biodiversity, and Human Capital.

Highly regarded in La Française governance, the CSR policy is a strategic stake and an integral part of the company's development plan.

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