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Cross Asset 

Total Return

With the search for yield intensifying, multi-asset class total return strategies offer an alternative to low interest rates and volatile equity markets.

Both diversified and opportunistic, total return funds actively seek out decorrelation. In the face of market uncertainty, they offer investors an alternative to more traditional management approaches.

  • Wide range

    A wide range of investment strategies and themes

  • Multi-asset classes

    Multi Asset classes

    fixed income

  • Ultra-liquid instruments

    Ultra-liquid financial instruments (futures and other derivatives)

    All investment entails risk


Through the combination of high-conviction investing and tactical exposure management, flexible management adapts asset allocation to prevailing market conditions.

Faced with growing market complexity and volatility, adjusting exposure to market conditions is a must. By doing so, managers can diminish the impacts of market upheavals, even if it means benefiting only partially from market upswings.

  • Flexible allocation

    Managers have significant leeway in discretionary allocation

  • Multi class
    Multi region

    Multiple asset classes

    geographical regions

Diversified Multi-Management

Open architecture multi-management provides access to a wide range of investment solutions, enabling the diversification of fund of fund portfolios while leveraging the expertise of multiple managers.

This open architecture approach makes it possible to independently select optimal market solutions among UCITS across a wide range of asset classes, with a focus on achieving efficiency for investors. The selection process emphasises high-conviction management, responsiveness, the ability to adapt to different market cycles, fundamental research, risk management, transparency and consistent strategies.

  • Open architecture vehicles

    Over 20,000 investment vehicles sorted through quantitative screening and targeted qualitative analysis

  • Research

    Research across all asset classes, regions and management styles

  • Risk diversification

    A focus on diversifying overall risk across a variety of strategies in the portfolio

Multi-management through emerging managers

Diversified, flexible asset management in the hands of entrepreneurial asset managers

As an incubator, NewAlpha enjoys ongoing special access to the world of entrepreneurial asset managers known as “Emerging Managers”. Its goal is to offer investors preferential access to this world through a broad range of investment strategies.

  • Emerging Managers

    screening investment opportunities

    screening investment opportunities

    adjusting risk exposure

An area of expertise developed by La Française Group and its affiliates.

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This information is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute any offer to buy or solicitation to sell whatsoever. All investment entails risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Please contact your advisor to make sure the financial product fits your needs.

La Française Group provides access to the expertise of a number of asset management companies around the world. To provide you with the most relevant information, we have developed an interface to present the full range of products available for your investor profile and country of residence.

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