Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Real Estate Investment in a Changing World


Our sustainable investment philosophy

The extra-financial aspect: a pillar of your real estate valuation

La Française Real Estate Managers is a genuine experimental laboratory for the world of tomorrow. With more than 3.8 million m² under management, our responsibility to the environment and citizens is apparent. Hence, we are cultivating our commitment by integrating ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) extra-financial levers to make your assets more resilient in the face of new constraints and regulations; thus protecting the value of your assets over the long term.

Responding to tenants' demand

favouring real estate with responsible management

Access to capital

of investors favoring sustainable properties

Operational efficiency

with reduced operating costs


changes in regulatory obligations

Decrease in vacancy rates and increase in rental income 

These buildings are rented more quickly and allow tenants to develop a feeling of belonging and well-being (attachment, values and pride)

More liquid assets with a risk premium and a smaller spread

A growing number of investors and banks are deploying responsible investment policies that focus on real estate managed in a sustainable and responsible manner

More liquid assets with a risk premium and a smaller spread

Reduced operating costs give sustainable properties a competitive advantage

A growing financial risk for non-compliant buildings and the protection of sustainable buildings

Increasingly restrictive national and European regulations, resulting in financial sanctions being imposed

Real estate, an important lever in the face of climate change


Share of the building sector in the country's GHG emissions. The sector therefore represents a major stake for achieving the ambitious 2050 carbon neutrality objectives set by France.

source : OID

volume of particles that a mature tree can absorb. 

Source : ADEME

Cities serve as a refuge for endangered plant species and 30% for endangered bird species. 

Source : Ademe
450 L

Amount of water that a mature tree in a plantation can transpire per day, which provides as much cooling effect as five air conditioners operating 20 hours per day. 

Source : Ademe
Pour 7/10

Europeans, green spaces have become a key factor 

Source : Ademe

3 pillars for joint action

Reducing greenhouse gases

Through the energy restructuring of our historical assets, the acquisition of new high-performance ones, as well as the creation of carbon sinks, we have developed a concrete action plan to improve our ecological footprint.

Read more

Bringing nature back into the city

Welcome nature in the city by giving it all the attention that it deserves. This contributes to the balance of environments and to social links, which are essential to maintaining general well-being and the development of sustainable cities.

Making urban environments

We are committed to making our buildings more accessible and better suited to all generations. Developing new uses and reducing restrictions are essential to foster change in the city.

Committed partnerships

Take care of forest assets with Reforest'Action 

Certified B Corp, Reforest'Action is a social-purpose enterprise created in 2010. Already more than 8,700 trees have been planted in the La Française forest.

+ than 8,700 trees planted

Optimisation of vacant offices with Camelot

As part of its partnership with Camelot, La Française has converted six vacant office buildings into temporary housing with a total surface area of 18,300 m² which made it possible to accommodate 131 residents over the year.

18 300 m2 of converted offices

100 % renewable energy of French origin with ENALP 

100 % renewable hydroelectric energy for one of our collective investment vehicles

17 office assets covered

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