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La Française AM actively pursues its responsible investment strategy to promote gender diversity

25 January 2023

As a member of the Club 30% France Investor Group, La Française is working alongside asset managers representing EUR 6,000 billion in assets under management to promote greater gender diversity at Management Committee level.

La Française AM, an asset management company and subsidiary of the La Française Group, recently joined the Club 30% France IG, which aims to encourage issuers listed on the SFB 120 to promote the appointment of women to Executive Committees. Acting as a coalition of 16 French asset management companies, the Club 30% France IG is urging companies to achieve a minimum target of 30% female representation by 2025.

As a staunch and responsible participant of this project, La Française is involved in a number of initiatives that fall directly in line with its principles surrounding sustainability and is committed to supporting companies in their transition by ensuring that regular and constructive dialogue remains firmly in place.

This new engagement is consistent with La Française AM's diversity voting policy, which includes voting against the election or re-election of male members of the Board of Directors if less than 40% of the Board members are women.

Marie Lassegnore, CFA, Head of Sustainable Investments:

"La Française Group is continuing its active engagement to helping businesses make the transition to a more socially responsible society. By joining Club 30% France IG, we will be helping to promote increased gender diversity and greater transparency between companies and investors".

The publication of the Club 30% France Investor Group's second annual report looks back over the 2022 engagement campaign, highlighting good practices in favour of professional and financial equality for women in SBF 120 companies, as well as a MEDEF study on the commitment to equality among these companies, while also criticising unhelpful preconceptions surrounding the issue.

For more information on the actions and engagements of the Club 30% France IG coalition, download the 2022 annual report below.

As part of its CSR policy, the La Française Group is reaffirming its ambitions and engagements in its role as investor as well as in the actions it is taking as a company. In terms of gender equality in the workplace, La Française group launched the FurtHer programme at the end of 2020, an initiative working towards equal opportunities with the aim of promoting female leadership, accelerating the rise of female talent and encouraging a cross-sectoral approach and gender diversity at all levels of the company. With a number of conferences, workshops, feedback sessions and a mentoring programme set up in 2021, this programme is making a real contribution to the equality goals set up within La Française.

For nearly 15 years, La Française group has been developing and employing an approach to responsible investment through new initiatives and engagements, helping to improve and promote the consideration of ESG factors in its third-party asset management business.

To find out more about La Française Group's engagement policy and report, as well as La Française AM's specific 2022 voting policy:

Download the document :

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