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La Française model

For more than 40 years, creating and offering investment solutions for third parties has been the mission of La Française.

A multi-affiliate business model and multiple core competencies

Environmental and societal challenges are opportunities to reconsider the future. Identifying drivers of change and understanding how they will fashion global growth and ultimately influence long-term financial performance is at the heart of La Française’s mission. The group’s forward-looking investment strategy is built upon this conviction. 

€45 bn
in assets
Figures as at 31/12/2023

Organized around two business lines, « financial » and « real estate assets », La Française has developed a multi-boutique model to serve institutional and retail clients in France and abroad. 

La Française, aware of the importance of the extensive transformations occurring in our increasingly digital and connected world, has created an innovation platform which brings together the new activities identified as key businesses of tomorrow.

Real Estate

A European platform with more than €29,5bn in assets under management (as at 31/03/2022), La Française is a key player in this asset class.
It offers a comprehensive range of real estate expertise both in terms of investment (Core, Core plus, Value added) and types of assets, with a strong specificity in office space and residential.

La Française REM has investment centers in France, in Europe and is the French leader in physical real estate. Specialized in third-party management and investment, the company is active on all of France's real estate markets.

An exhaustive range of European real estate investment solutions for retail and institutional investors all over the world.


Areas of expertise not available in all jurisdictions. Limits by investor profile may apply.Click here for more detail on authorisation and regulatory information for La Française Group.

Financial assets

In a break from traditional benchmarked management, La Française Group’s financial assets division provides access, via its historic La Française Asset Management (LFAM) subsidiary, to niche fundamental expertise with fixed income solutions (fixed maturity funds, subordinated debt, etc.), equity solutions which are resolutely sustainable by nature, socially responsible investing (SRI) and cross assets

In addition, it also offers quantitative management services through La Française Systematic Asset Management GmbH, alternative financing with Acofi and private equity and innovative management expertise with New Alpha Asset Manager.

Systematic management (Germany)

LF SAM, based in Germany, develops expertise in systematic management of equities and listed real assets. It offers its institutional clients innovative portfolio construction and risk management based on the proprietary Risk@Work model.


Alternative financing solutions

NewAlpha AM is a key player in Europe, in incubation, financing and support for entrepreneurial projects.


Asian Markets

Founded in 1997, JK Capital Management is an asset management firm based in Hong Kong that specializes in Asian markets.


Areas of expertise not available in all jurisdictions. Limits by investor profile may apply. Click here for more detail on authorisation and regulatory information for La Française Group.

Customer satisfaction: the priority

La Française strives to develop solutions that meet the challenges and needs of a diverse client base. A network of qualified local sales professionals distributes La Française products and services across the globe.

International development and a global offer tailored to local markets

La Française began its cross-border expansion in 2010 with its first local office opening in Spain. Since then, international development has gained traction through strategic development partnerships with industry leaders including JK Capital Management.

La Française now has offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan and Seoul, affording the group a global reach.

22 %
International business accounts of total Assets
Figures as of 31/12/2023

La Française’s international development strategy is based on a single clearly articulated philosophy: to successfully export its investment solutions, La Française must be a leader in its domestic market in the relevant field of expertise.

International business now accounts for 22 % of total assets (as at 31/12/2022). 

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A robust shareholder structure

La Française group is the asset management arm of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, a mutualist group and a benefit corporation since October 26, 2020.

Groupe La Française is 60% owned by BFCM and 40% owned by the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe regional bank recognized for its mutualist values since January 1, 2024.

At the center of our governance

Dominique BELLEMARE, Chairman of the CMNE Board of Directors, and Jean-Baptiste Douville de Franssu, independent member, are at the heart of the governance of the La Française Group. They are respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Group's Supervisory Board. The other members of the Supervisory Board are Eric Charpentier, Chief Executive Officer of CMNE and BFCM, Jérôme Pavie, General Secretary of CMNE, Dominique Bellemare, Chief Executive Officer of CIC Est, Catherine Allonas Barthe and Linda Kessour.

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