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Asian Equities

Since 2010, La Française has partnered with JK Capital Management, an asset management company specialised in Asian markets.

Thanks to its partnership with JK Capital Management, a fund management company founded in 1997 and based in Hong Kong, La Française can boast advanced expertise on Asian markets.

Sectors & regions

Minimising sector and geographical bias

Global Equities

La Française works together with Inflection Point by La Française to offer an innovative stock picking method based not only on financial criteria.

In a constantly evolving world, even companies whose financial analysis includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria can miss out on new ideas and important changes on the market. That's why La Française expands these criteria to incorporate the ability of companies to adapt and innovate, ensuring that the stocks selected are optimally positioned to meet tomorrow's challenges.

An area of expertise developed by La Française GAM and its affiliates.
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