Sustainable Investment

Sustainable investment applied to all securities


Our sustainable investment policy

A strong commitment and complete transparency  

As responsible shareholder, environmental and social issues are at the heart of our investment choices. Since the launch of our innovative investment policy in 2008, we have committed to applying our responsible investment strategy to the entire range of our various asset classes. We are fully committed and mobilised in favour of a more sustainable economy. Our Carbon Impact strategy therefore aims to steer our capital allocation towards long-term energy transition while minimising our current Carbon Impact. It also aspires to provide a sustainable investment solution and seeks to maximise long-term returns for our clients.

Our priority is the fight

against climate change


in a changing world

On a virtuous path

to better governance

Anticipating change

and re-inventing our approach

Support all economic players stakeholders on a low-carbon trajectory

The risks and opportunities associated with climate change are likely to affect all types of activities, as well as the financial performance of assets.

By promoting human capital and local employment

Create the conditions for living in harmony and health with regard to the necessary transitions and the social challenges they entail

Take action and be a lever for improvement, in particular via our engagement policy and voting policy

Our commitment to local and international organisations (UNEP FI, PRI, CDP, FIR, etc.) is also a clear signal of our ambition to change the rules of the game.

Using our capacity for innovation to create value 

Make savings a genuine act of commitment both individually, through the profitability of the investment, and collectively, through its social and environmental impact

La Française Sustainable Investment Research

Our sustainable investment research team is at the heart of our investment process. Over the years, we have established a proprietary methodology to quantify ESG assessments and developed the ability to measure carbon emissions and assess the trajectory of a business's transition to a low carbon economy – a crucial element of our approach to energy transition.

The need for a deep transition that favors decreasing GHG emissions as well as green solutions

55 Gigatonnes

Total worldwide CO2 emissions

Source : International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 2018
For 7/10

Europeans, green spaces have become a key factor

A drop in the ocean:

Focus solely on clean energy

Current emission levels must be reduced



La Française has a positive vision of the company. We assess businesses' capacity for development and transformation; this assessment is based on a progress-based approach rather than an exclusion-based approach. However, in light of the crises and challenges which we all face, we can no longer do without selected exclusions.

ESG Analysis and Carbon Analysis

La Française's sustainable investment processes are based on an internal ESG scoring methodology, qualitative and strategic analysis. These factors are integrated as systematically and rigorously as traditional financial factors. As climate risks and opportunities increasingly drive investment performance, we have extended our carbon data management and analysis capabilities.

Vote and engagement

Vote and engagement must be conducted in conjunction with ESG analysis in order to harness all the benefits of sustainable investing. We engage with companies in order to influence the way they operate. Moreover, we are active in collaborative engagements commitment initiatives and cooperate with other asset managers in order to improve corporate environmental and social practices.

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