La Française Trésorerie ISR available on Cachematrix By Blackrock

05 September 2023

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Paris, 5 September 2023: La Française, a multi-expertise management group with €49 billion in assets (31/12/2022), is pleased to announce that La Française Trésorerie ISR (a French mutual fund) is available on Cachematrix by BlackRock, an open architecture online trading and reporting system that allows institutional investors to place purchase and redemption requests, analyse cash portfolios, and produce detailed reports on money market fund holdings.

La Française now offers institutional investors domiciled in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, the possibility of accessing its “flagship” money market fund (distinguished with the French SRI Label  and classified Art. 8 SFDR ) which boasts 3.03 billion euros in assets under management (as at 24/08/2023) via the Cachematrix by Blackrock platform. Cachematrix by BlackRock offers a variety of advantages to La Française's institutional investors, including:

  • Simplified investment processes,
  • Auto-settlement capabilities with reporting and custodian booking,
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting.

Thierry GORTZOUNIAN, Chief Operating Officer of La Française AM Finance Services said, "As a client-centric and innovative asset manager, La Française relentlessly pursues all venues capable of democratising access to its securities asset management expertise while creating value for the end investor. As a platform designed to simplify the daily cash management of institutional investors, Cachematrix by BlackRock is an additional milestone in the right direction.” 

La Française Trésorerie ISR

Asset Class:
    Standard money market fund with variable net asset value
Share class:     I share / FR0010609115
Objective:     The Fund's management objective is to seek market opportunities on short-term maturities in order to offer the same performance 
    as the capitalised €STR, less management fees, by investing in a portfolio of issuers screened in advance according to 
    Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.
Synthetic Risk Indicator:     1 on a scale of 1 to 7, 7 representing the highest risk
Investment Horizon:     3 months
Minimum initial subscription:     €500,000
Main associated risks:     risk of capital loss, interest rate risk, ESG investment risk, sustainability risk, discretionary risk, counterparty risk.

The SRI Label does not guarantee the Fund's performance.

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