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Eurozone Core Inflation disappointed and came in at +0.9% vs +1% expected

06 December 2017

On the macro side, data is robust, and we feel that we have been writing this sentence every week for months now!

  • US: better data in real estate is getting confirmed with pending home sales soaring and positive construction spending. The consumer confidence index is at its highest point, Q2 GDP has been revised slightly upwards and ISM Manufacturing index is at 58.2, a very high level,
  • Eurozone: disappointment on the headline inflation which stands at 1.5% vs 1.6% expected, moreover core inflation is at 0.9% vs 1% expected. PMI Markit manufacturing indices remain strong at 60.1 and GDP continues to be revised upwards,
  • China: PMI index is in line with overall consensus.

Mr. Powell was confirmed by Senate and gave his first official speech. There is nothing new, it is the same speech as Mrs. Yellen, that means continuation in gradual rate hiking, inflation oversight, balance sheet reduction under way, etc.

First good news for the UK for a long time: it looks like European and British authorities have reached a deal regarding breakup fee. It should be around €50bn.

The next fortnight will be busy with macro data and central banks. Indeed, markets could move more than the last two weeks.

No significant move on equity markets last week, neither on fixed income markets with Bund close to 0.30%, a level we still consider far too low.

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