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Tailor-made services 

Asset Allocation

La Française gives individuals access to expertise that has been successfully developed for institutional investors

In order to help you grow your assets, La Française selects the products that it believes are managed by the best players on the market, recognized for the quality of their management, convictions and performance.

  • Expertises

    gain access to all of the expertise offered by la française group, from stock markets to real estate

A dedicated solution aimed at diversifying your assets

Private Wealth Management will provide you with knowledge and expertise that suits your situation and financial objectives.

Our dedicated team actively manages a portfolio of securities that respects your investment constraints and our convictions with respect to the market.

  • Tailor-made service

    A discretionary financial management service

  • Expertises

    Access to a broad range of expertise and an open-architecture operating model

"Discretionary management is the core business of La Française"

Manager-guided investment

A turnkey solution to delegate the management of your assets as part of your life-insurance policy

The experts of La Française will take over the responsibility for allocating the funds linked to your policy.

They manage them in a way that is tailored to match your risk profile and changes each month based on our market convictions.

  • Life Insurance

    value-added service through a life-insurance policy

"Each month, the life-insurance company makes automatic trades based on recommendations made by market experts"

Solvency 2

Dedicated services and solutions that meet the requirements set out by Solvency 2 regulations.

Thanks to its relationship with the life insurance company owned by CMNE Group, its main shareholder, La Française quickly developed measurement and reporting tools, as well as services, that meet the requirements laid out by Solvency 2. In addition, the broad range of products and expertise offered by La Française allows it to develop this expertise on very different asset classes and product types (securities, real estate, private equity, debt funds, etc.). As a result, La Française is able to offer a range of SV2-friendly products, along with tailored reporting and allocation services.

  • SCR calculation

    Market SCR calculation performed through a specific platform

  • Tailored reporting

    tailored reporting using the tripartite format and transparency of portfolio

  • Data Grouping

    optimised asset allocation: “data grouping” approach

More than 25% of our assets under management are governed by Solvency 2.

"Aside from the reporting and transparency constraints, it is possible to achieve the best possible asset allocation while complying with the limit on SCR consumption. This is a particularly appealing strategy as long as a broad range of solutions are included."

Pierre Schoeffler

"We have built a proprietary platform that allows us to meet the requirements in terms of calculation, transparency and reporting for our clients"

Maïté Couderc

An area of expertise developed by La Française and its affiliates.

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This information is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute any offer to buy or solicitation to sell whatsoever. All investment entails risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Please contact your advisor to make sure the financial product fits your needs.

La Française Group provides access to the expertise of a number of asset management companies around the world. To provide you with the most relevant information, we have developed an interface to present the full range of products available for your investor profile and country of residence.

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