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Wiztopic raises $4.4 million from NewAlpha Asset Management and business angels

26 October 2017

Via its dedicated FinTech* venture capital fund, NewAlpha Asset Management is the lead investor in the $4.4 million fund raising carried out by Wiztopic. The fund has thereby made its first investment in a Franco-American company.

Created in Paris in 2014 by Jérôme Lascombe and Raphaël Labbé, Wiztopic is the publisher of an SaaS solution dedicated to corporate and financial communication executives. Wiztopic’s platform helps them to streamline content management, SEO, social and multichannel distribution, stakeholder relationships and performance assessment, in full compliance with their sectors’ constraints.

Alongside NewAlpha Asset Management, business angels from the financial sector also participated, namely Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier (Saxo Bank, Ibanfirst), François Le Corno (3i), Gérard Augustin-Normand (Richelieu Finance) and Didier Rousseau (Weave).

“Our aim is to become the homepage and daily tool of all communication executives of listed companies and of the financial industry, in Europe and the USA,” says Jérôme Lascombe, Chairman of Wiztopic. “We were looking for investors capable of accelerating our growth in the financial sector and abroad. NewAlpha Asset Management quickly established itself as the obvious choice.”

“By signing agreements with leading European players in the banking, insurance and asset management industries, Wiztopic has already demonstrated impressive results. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the company’s development,” says Jonathan Cohen Sabban, Investment Director at NewAlpha Asset Management.

“From the outset we chose to concentrate on the most demanding clients, those who produce and manage sensitive, restricted or regulated information,” explains Raphaël Labbé, CEO of Wiztopic. "We are helping these large international companies, the majority of which are listed, to digitise the management and distribution of their information with a data-focused approach. The volume of content managed by Wiztopic’s users doubles every quarter.”

“Wiztopic helps major players in finance and listed companies to transform a key function: the communication and management of corporate and financial information,” adds Lior Derhy, Managing Director, Head of Private Equity at NewAlpha Asset Management.

*This fund is exclusively reserved for French domiciled professional clients within the meaning of the MIF Directive and is closed to subscriptions

To download the press release, please click here

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