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The Consortium Les Lumières Pleyel, represented by Sogelym Dixence, has won the call for proposal for the Pleyel Crossing in Saint-Denis in connection with the « Invent the Grand Paris Metropolis » competition

24 October 2017

The Group Les Lumières Pleyel, represented by Sogelym Dixence, has won the call for proposal for the Pleyel Crossing in Saint-Denis in connection with the “Invent the Grand Paris Metropolis” competition.

Les Lumières Pleyel is composed of a multidisciplinary team brought together by several properties operators: Europequipements, Crédit Agricole Immobilier, Engie Avenue, NFU (Urban New Functions), and the Group Arcade, as well as the group representative Sogelym Dixence. The operators have brought together more than a total of 50 partners (including architects, real estate operators, investors, cultural stakeholders, innovative start-ups, research offices and builders).

Les Lumières Pleyel are situated in the Pleyel suburb, along the railways North-Europe and extents to both sides of the Grand Paris Express train station in Saint-Denis Pleyel (core junction between the Grand Paris Express lines 14, 15, 16, 17, the subway 13 and the Ile-de-France train lines D and H, which are planned for 2023).

The project is a mixed-use program composed of more than 176.000 squares meters of offices, accommodations, hotels, student residences, stores, cultural and sports facilities which are expected to be finalized between 2023 and 2028. The site includes a bridging building which crosses the rail lines and is planned to become the entrance door to Grand Paris. Moreover, the project will become a strong architectural symbol at the scale of the Metropolis. The area will be complemented by a park of 7.000 square meters. 

This new district emerges halfway between the Stade de France and the docks of Saint-Ouen, very close to the future Olympic Village which is foreseen for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Les Lumières Pleyel want to pave the way for a new manner of co-building cities. They are eager to invent a new urban model for Saint-Denis and the Grand Paris Metropolis and are guided by a set of overarching ambitions: 

  • To invent a new quality of life and city
  • To create a new urban image for the Grand Paris Metropolis 
  • To offer an open architecture which is rich in natural light and connects territories.
  • To encourage public spaces and new motility
  • To organize a virtuous and airy urban density
  • To compose the first neutral carbon and reversible area in Ile-de-France
  • To encourage sharing across the Territory of Culture and Creation.

The jury of « Invent the Grand Paris Metropolis » choose an ambitious proposal which provides an outstanding new urban image to the territory, both on an architectural, a social and a cultural plan ». This is the reward of an intense collaboration between the companies that we have gathered, a team which is warmly committed to this project and this dynamic territory”, Founding Chairman of Sogelym Dixence, Jean-Claude Condamin, shares enthusiastically surrounded by his operating partners, Euroequipments’ President, Olivier Pelat, Engie Avenue President, Sylvie Dao, Credit Agricole Real Estate Managing Director, Marc Oppenheim, and NFU/HABX President, Benjamin Delaux.

> Click here to download the full press release

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