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Jana Sehnalova presents La Française Lux Sustainable Real Estate Securities

16 October 2017

This product is beautiful representation of the strengths of the multi-expertise business model, where different skill sets come together to create a genuine innovation for the industry and clients.

Inflection Point Capital Management is La Française’s sustainable expertise pillar, a group with over 20 years of analysis in this field. IPCM contributes its proprietary ESG scoring system based on a thorough analysis of 3 sustainable pillars:

-              The Environmental pillar focused on understanding of efficiency of energy, materials, water and carbon emissions

-              The second pillar is focused on social aspects such as engagement with broader community stakeholders, human resource management and well-being of users

-              And last but not least, the third pillar focuses on the analysis and understanding of corporate governance

The second pillar, La Francaise Forum Securities, contributes financial analysis and dialogue with company management that help to secure a more in-depth access to sustainable data and real interactions with regards to sustainable DNA at a corporate level.

La Francaise Group as a third player has been very supportive of launching the product by contributing seed capital and providing additional support including risk management and reporting.

It is quite important to highlight that the process is fully integrated under one roof and fully transparent, with frequent exchanges on how to achieve the most precise results, thus highlighting the robustness of our multi-expertise business model.




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