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Alger Small Cap Focus Strategy now exceeds $650mm

23 January 2018

SICAV Alger Small Cap Focus now over $50 million in AUM

La Française, an international multi-expertise asset management firm with total assets under management exceeding €65bn, and Fred Alger Management, Inc. (“Alger”), a leading growth equity asset management firm headquartered in New York City, are excited to announce that the Alger Small Cap Focus strategy now exceeds $650mm and the corresponding SICAV—Alger Small Cap Focus Fund (the “Fund”) has reached $52.3 million in assets under management (as at 31/12/2017).

The Fund is a focused portfolio with generally fewer than 50 high-conviction securities. Portfolio Manager, Amy Zhang’s conviction is demonstrated in the Fund’s strong performance since its inception. As of 31/12/2017, the Fund outperformed its benchmark, the Russell 2000 Growth Index by more than 450 bps on a since inception basis and outperformed by more than 700 bps year-to- date. The recommended investment period for the Alger SICAV—Alger Small Cap Focus Fund is more than five years.

Amy Y. Zhang, CFA, Senior Vice President, of Fred Alger Management, Inc. (the sub-portfolio manager/investment adviser to Alger SICAV) has 22 years of investment experience and is a specialist in small cap growth equities. She pursues what she believes are exceptional small companies that have the potential to become exceptional large companies. 

“We look for companies that are on the cutting edge of innovation. These are companies that have the potential to transform industries and disrupt the status quo,” said Amy Zhang. “We look for opportunities in growth sectors, such as technology and health care.” Amy is supported by a dedicated team of four analysts (and utilizes the resources of Alger’s broader 50+ person investment team) who perform original, bottom-up, fundamental research to find high-conviction opportunities in small cap companies. Alger’s entire investment team follows the firm’s philosophy of investing in companies experiencing ‘Positive Dynamic Change,’ which has been the firm’s investment philosophy for more than 50 years.

Philippe Lecomte, CEO of La Française AM International said, “Amy’s strategy is a focused, “best ideas” portfolio that is meaningfully differentiated from other small cap funds, which makes it of great interest to European investors.”

La Française and Alger have been collaborating on fund distribution, market development, and product diversification since February 2015. 

Alger SICAV, a Luxembourg UCITS vehicle, makes the Fund available to non-U.S. investors in both U.S. dollar-denominated and hedged euro-denominated classes. Alger has partnered with La Française to distribute Alger SICAV sub-funds throughout continental Europe.



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