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Alger on the money - Drug Renaissance

27 April 2018

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) allows for analysis of the human genome, the complete set of genetic material within a human.

The ways drugs are developed and diseases researchedhave changed markedly because of NGS. Additionally, tools associated with NGS are reducingthe costs of disease while improving the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment.

Sequencing Cost Per Genome Declining Rapidly


  • Since 2001 the cost of genome sequencing has declined considerably, allowing for more widespread use of these methods. As NGS technology advances and enables larger and more complex research projects, the cost of genetic analysis will continue to come down.
  • NGS has revolutionized drug development because researchers can now fully understand the effect of the human genome on disease as well as identify mutations to determine how best to treat diseases. Specifically, scientists are improving their understanding of cancer biology, discovering the causes of many heritable disorders and creating opportunities for preventive and predictive medicine.
  • NGS has only begun to unlock scientists’ understanding of biological systems. As NGS advances and more genetic data is collected, the research and development of drugs and diagnostic tools continue to accelerate.
  • To potentially capitalize on NGS, investors might consider health care technology companies that develop NGS equipment or tools as well as companies that use NGS to advance the diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

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