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Alger on the money - Computing Cloud Nine

19 January 2018

Cloud computing provides people and companies ubiquitous access to shared resources, which has resulted in tremendous economy of scale. This scale creates a virtuous cycle of lower cost and better outcomes that is likely to allow the technology to continue growing rapidly well into the future.

  • Rather than invest in their own computers and software, businesses can now rent those resources from cloud computing vendors. This trend has resulted in the average monthly cost per gigabyte of computer memory (RAM) falling in half over the past four years, which has contributed to the quick adoption of cloud computing as a complement to, or replacement of, legacy data centers.

  • The increased flexibility of cloud computing allows for easier updating of information, higher quality cyber security, greater analytical capability and easier user accessibility. This allows companies to focus on their core business while lowering their IT infrastructure costs.

  • Developing countries, in particular, may benefit from the cloud because of their limited existing technology infrastructure.

  • Cloud technology can turn any mobile device into a powerful computer by allowing access to  Processing power from the cloud. This characteristic benefits users most in regions where mobile device usage is prevalent.

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