La Française strengthens its investment team with the recruitment of a Head of Fixed Income

22 November 2017

In order to further develop its fixed income expertise, representing close to €9 billion in assets under management, La Française has recruited a Head of Fixed Income, Maud Minuit, to join its Fixed Income and Cross-Asset Division led by Jean-Luc Hivert.

Based in Paris, the Fixed Income and Cross-Asset team of La Française comprises twenty-two managers grouped into three specialist divisions, covering all fixed-income asset classes. The team represents around 45% of the Group’s assets under management and intervenes on a range of open funds but also on dedicated funds and mandates for both French and international clients.

Maud Minuit has 18 years’ experience in multi-asset fixed-income management. In her previous position as Head of Fixed Income and FX at Groupama AM, she developed an expertise in inflation-linked bonds in particular, through her management of the Euro fund, followed in 2009 by the launch of the Global fund. She also gained expertise in total return management, having worked on the launch of one of the first absolute return bond funds, in 2009. From 2012 onwards, Maud Minuit headed up the six-member fixed-income and FX team. 

In addition to her technical expertise in fixed income, Maud Minuit has acquired a solid background in customer relations (reporting, tenders, road shows, product development, etc.), which she will bring into play in support of the France and International sales teams. 

Maud Minuit holds a postgraduate professional degree (DESS) in Financial Strategy and Mutual Savings from the University of Poitiers.

Maud Minuit’s profile and skills thus represent a genuine asset for the Group’s strategy and development in this field: conviction management, technical ability and the embodiment of expertise.

As Head of Fixed Income, Maud will supervise a team of managers and will be responsible for money-market, fixed-income, Total Return Bond and Inflation-linked asset management. Her experience will contribute to establishing the Group’s convictions and know-how, and will be reflected in allocation decisions.

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