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La Française reorganises its Securities Fund Management division

18 January 2017

Over the last five years, La Française has experienced strong growth through its expansion and through the internationalisation of its expertise, thanks to its strategic partnerships that have allowed the group to strengthen its skills.

So as to create synergies between the various group affiliates and divisions, La Française has reorganized its Securities Fund Management Division.

Accordingly, under the leadership of Pascale Auclair, Global Head of Investments, Jean-Luc Hivert and Laurent Jacquier Laforge are heading the two divisions of expertise: “Fixed Income and Cross Asset” and “Equity”, respectively.

Laurent Jacquier Laforge, with more than thirty years of experience, becomes CIO Equities Global. He is responsible for the entire SRI Equity range offered by La Française, small caps management and the monitoring of partnerships, such IPCM, an extra-financial research firm, Alger and JK Capital Management. For several years, La Française has been building strategic partnerships with specialised foreign management companies. As group CIO Equities Global and in the interests of investors, Laurent Jacquier Laforge will identify potential collaborations on products and research synergies.

Jean-Luc Hivert, with nineteen years of asset management experience, becomes CIO Fixed Income & Cross Asset. He is responsible for €30 billion in assets under management and heads a team of twenty-six experts. Accordingly, he is entrusted with the Group’s Cross Asset management, discretionary portfolio management and targeted management, for which Odile Camblain-Le Mollé holds operational responsibility.

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