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Tax-advantaged products / Private equity

Siparex is one of France's top independent private equity groups.

A leading partner to SMEs and intermediate-sized businesses, it has €1.5bn in assets under management, divided between its midmarket, mezzanine, small cap and innovation activities. Siparex has offices throughout France in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Besançon, Dijon and Limoges, and internationally in Madrid, Milan and Munich.

3 support drivers

  • External growth

    Activate external Growth

  • International

    accelerate our international expansion

  • Digital transformation

    promote the digital transformation

GFV - Collective vineyard real estate investments

La Française is a pioneer in the field of collective vineyard real estate investments.

Since it was founded in 1975, it has put together several collective agricultural real estate investments, as have other banking groups. However, in 1979, when putting together its collective real estate investment with Château Belgrave (ranked as a Grand Cru since the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855), La Française Group paved the way for this form of investment. Today, the new tax-advantaged vineyard fund solution (“TEPA Viticole”) has been added to our expertise.

Nearly 500 hectares spread throughout France

  • Bordeaux

    77 %

  • Bourgogne

    3 %

  • Rhône Valley

    Vallée du Rhone
    8 %

  • Provence

    2 %

  • Loire Valley

    Vallée de la Loire
    10 %

Financing the economy

Financing the economy: a source of value creation and steady returns in a persistently low interest rate environment.

La Française Global Direct Financing provides alternative financing solutions to stakeholders in the real economy while meeting investors’ need for yield and value creation within a controlled risk framework.

Implementation through three areas of expertise

  • direct lending to the economy

    direct lending to the economy

    with Acofi

  • Incubation & Fintechs

    Incubation for portfolio management companies and FinTechs

    with NewAlpha

  • Investissement PME / ETI

    investment in smes and intermediate-sized businesses - Investment in the equity and quasi-equity of growth SMEs and intermediate-sized businesses with Siparex

"In a low interest rate environment, the Affiliates of La Française Global Direct Financing (NewAlpha, ACOFI and Siparex) are positioned to provide investors, individually or collectively, with innovative and unique solutions in terms of search for yield.”

Pierre Lasserre

Corporate Secretary

Private Equity is an area of expertise developed by Siparex.
Vineyard Investment is an area of expertise developed by La Française REM.
Financing the Economy is an area of expertise developed by La Française GDF and its affiliates.

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This information is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute any offer to buy or solicitation to sell whatsoever. All investment entails risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Please contact your advisor to make sure the financial product fits your needs.

La Française Group provides access to the expertise of a number of asset management companies around the world. To provide you with the most relevant information, we have developed an interface to present the full range of products available for your investor profile and country of residence.

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